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Simple To Use (and Free) Event Tracking

Reduce the time and effort tracking your team

Great for kid's soccer, baseball, swimming, football, or any other sport

Are you tired to trying to determine who will be at each game, practice, scrimmage, tournament, etc. for your team? Would you like to be see the availability for all players for all your team activities on one screen? Would it be much easier if you could eliminate all the email responses and just have your team parents enter their own kid's availability?

Click here to get your own Event Tracker in only 1 minute Ė simply enter your team name and email (we do NOT send spam).

Many teams are already using the 'Event Tracker' - the head coaches and the parents love it - it is simple, free, and very effective.

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Why is this free? This is a very simple system that runs on the web site of one of the parents at Walnut Creek Soccer club. After two years of use, word spread beyond our club, and if this is used for the benefit of kidís soccer, baseball or other sports then we are happy to supply it free. It comes Ďas isí and there is no liability for any losses due to bugs etc. (but after two years of use, it is pretty stable).

Note: Sites that remain unused for more than 3 months are liable to be archived. To avoid this, simply create then delete an event to keep the system active.


Total # of teams using the event tracker: 6801